Get ready for your Australian camping trip!

Here is information about many of the Camping supply businesses that service Sydney. I hope this page helps you find any camping supplies and equipment that you need. I've also provided some information about several national parks where you can campout in their backpacker camping grounds.

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Budget Camping Budget Campling are located about ten minutes west of blacktown by car, and fifteen minutes east of Penrith by car. They have everthing you could possibly need for your Australian camping adventure.

All Camping Supplies Trained staff are available to advise and assist you in all aspects of camping and to help you make the correct decisions on equipping you and your family or group for that trip or expedition.

Outdoors Specialise in all forms of camping equipment. They also carry a range of used adventure gear so you can head off on your great Australian camping trip without outlaying a lot of money. They also have a buy-back program to save you the hassle of selling your equipment and the end of your trip.


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